Bob Boeckman

Chief of Operations (NE)

As Chief of Operations of Mahaska in Nebraska, Bob Boeckman is responsible for the general management, daily operations, sales, marketing, and distribution of all products out of the Norfolk, O’Neill, and Humboldt distribution centers as well as recent expansion of new products into the Omaha, Sioux City, and Sioux Falls markets. In addition, he fulfills production management and logistics functions between Mahaska and its cooperative manufacturing facility in Nebraska, particularly for Mahaska’s proprietary products. He is also responsible for managing Mahaska’s Fleet Division.

Currently, Boeckman is undertaking a major expansion of the Norfolk facility to renovate the existing plant, add warehouse space, and a new corporate office. In addition, he quarterbacked the acquisition and renovation of the new TYR Endurance Sport Mobile Retail trailer, which was purchased from a prominent NASCAR team. He is overseeing the management of this retail operation which is focused in Omaha as Mahaska prepares for the title sponsorship of the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials.

Boeckman has been with Mahaska since 1976. Previous to his current position as General Manager, he acted as Director of Sales & Marketing. Prior to being appointed as Director, Boeckman developed extensive relationships with independent, regional, and national customers in Nebraska as a route salesman before his promotion to managing soft drink routes in Eastern Nebraska.

Boeckman is a classic vehicle enthusiast. He enjoys buying, selling, and restoring cars, trucks, and motorcycles (he pursues this interest professionally in his management of Mahaska’s Fleet Division as well). He also enjoys hunting, working on muscle cars, and spending time with his family, particularly his 3 grandchildren.

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